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About Us

R Redigium helps you optimize your processes around Energy Management and Reporting, using a data-visualization approach giving you and your company much more insight with a lot less effort, making it easier and faster than ever to make good decisions, for the environment and for your business. A joint venture between like-minded stakeholders, coming from various back grounds around Energy, Business and Data; with a mission to get better data and to make it more accessible and simpler. Rules and regulations change regularly in the attempt to combat climate change, and the energy crisis. Bottom-line is we need better data, and a lot faster to make the right decisions, to catch errors or wrong decisions. Yearly reporting does not cut it anymore, and you need to be able to adjust your business continuously.

Roadmap 2022 / 2023
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Features and Sensors
Our Experience & Know-How

Monitoring and recording the amount of CO₂in the air, both indoors and outdoors.

Noise level monitoring, reliable calculation and recording of sound propagation.
Connect to your energy infrastructure to visualize energy consumption with a high degree of detail.
Flow sensor
Keep an eye on fluids and gasses within pipes and tubes in a digital interface.
Data visualizer
Work through data, show the data in new ways or combine with other data.
Live dashboard
Create your own dashboard to show live data directly where you need it.
API integration

Get inputs from other providers or sensor data to add to your own maps or reports.

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